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A present responsible for a better future.

A straw at a time let’s change the world together.


is the official brand and distributor in Australia

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Organic pasta straw, organic, gluten-free, always no GMO and Made in Italy by Coop. Campo.
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innovative and fascinating, for the best bars and restaurants.

Professional and daily

Canù straws are perfect for professional use and for the daily needs of every family. They don’t change the taste of drinks!

They are made with natural and 100% biodegradable materials.

 Canù straws, the Italian pasta straws are colorful, fun, a real touch of innovation in the beverage world.

About us

We believe that safeguarding the planet must be a moral duty for every company, therefore we are at the forefront in the fight against the environmental impact. Our products change the world without affecting our habits, we will continue to drink, to celebrate but without leaving anything bad behind us.
We do not inherit the world from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Duty on us to return it to them

Think plastic free


For the oceans
A straw at a time we change the world and safeguard the oceans. Our Straws are 100% organic and poison free.
Biodegradable and compostable.


We check that all our products come from sustainable cultivations. Proudly  Made in Italy by Coop. Campo carefully choosing organic flours.


Only in the US are used and thrown over 500 million of straws a day. The change starts from you and Aria, leader in plastic free straws.

Blue Sustainability

We give back the 10% of our profits to ocean protection associations!  Why don’t you do the same?
Returning the smallest part of our success to the world is an integral part of our philosophy. Join us, give 10% of your annual income to a cause that deserves your support. You will smile like us.

Exhibitions and events

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Scheduled events:


  • Rimini (Sigep show)
  • Nuremberg (Organic food show
  • Sydney (Food service show)

Find us

You can find Canù straws in 4 continents, all with the same spirit.

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